Our Approach to Healing

Our Mission:

To assist people on their individual path to health using advanced, comprehensive, holistic healing techniques that empower people to enhance the quality of their lives.

Our Approach:

The health care that Dr. Weiss provides integrates body and mind.

Dr. Weiss subscribes to the principles of the Pyramid of Health. Each of the four sides of the pyramid - structural, emotional, biochemical and energetic, contributes to the harmony of the whole. If there is interference in any of these areas, the body becomes fragmented and out of balance causing symptoms and illness. Sickness and disease do not just happen - they accumulate as a result of interference. Dis-ease and its symptoms arise from many sources. We are challenged daily by environmental toxicity, pathogens and poor quality nutrition. In addition, emotional and physical stresses have significant negative effects on our health and well being.

The body's natural state is harmony. Dr. Weiss uses a variety of interconnected techniques described in this website which are directed toward reinstating balance and harmony in the body and mind.

To identify and prioritize the needs of each person, Dr. Weiss uses a form of kinesiology or muscle response testing. The information obtained from this testing determines the appropriate protocol to use for that individual to begin on their path of healing.