Patient Testimonials

I couldn't use my left eye at all , it was so badly inflamed. Medical specialists wanted to inject steroids into my eye in order to treat an inflammatory condition. I opted to try NMT (NeuroModulation technique) instead. After my first treatment with Dr. Weiss, I knew NMT was the right approach for me. My vision was improved by 70%!! After my second visit, my vision was improved by 90%!! Thank you, Dr. Weiss & staff!
Stacey C.


I had a head cold. After trying to get an appointment with my regular doctor (and failing), I came to Dr. Weiss for an NMT treatment. It turned out to be the shortest, least miserable head cold I have ever had. With the treatment and follow-up homeopathic remedies, I felt better immediately and within only a few days (as opposed to the usual two weeks) I was nearly symptom free.
Joan M.


I am a multiple sclerosis patient, having been diagnosed in August 1998. Until recently, my condition was very mild, and I did very little in terms of getting treatment. In October of 2004, however, I had an exacerbation that clobbered me. I had a hard time walking. I could not go further than a few dozen yards, and looked like one very drunk person while I did. I was on a cane and had a handicap pass for my car. My back got very tired while I was standing, so I wasn't much use around the house.

Later in the spring, things started to get better, but very slowly and it looked like I would have a lot of residual disability. In the spring, I also developed double vision, hesitation in my speech, and poor writing. I also tripped and fell outside my house and injured my elbow and the muscles in my lower back.

I started to go to Dr. Weiss for NMT. I did one week of intensive treatments, two per day, in late June, which included NMT, emotional clearing, nutritional analysis, and other things that I am embarrassed not to remember. He spent some time working on my back with NMT.

The week was very pleasant and Dr. Weiss' “bedside manner” was great. His treatments accelerated and improved my recovery. I walked, talked, and saw better. I could go for a walk of about 6/10 of a mile with my wife and son. My handwriting was much improved. I could button my own shirt cuffs, pull weeds, and do dishes. My back felt a lot better minutes after Dr. Weiss treated me for it. My vision and speech have recovered completely. In short, I feel a lot better, and I believe that Dr. Weiss' treatments were a tremendous help to me.
Kevin A.


I picked up my one-year-old baby in an awkward way and felt a pull in the middle of my back. It gradually got worse and by the end of the day I was incapacitated, unable to move without a great deal of pain. My primary care physician made a couple of suggestions, but they didn't help at all. In fact, I felt worse.

The next afternoon Dr. Weiss worked on my back by using BEST. By the end of the day I felt significant relief and the following day I felt completely well. I was able to take care of my children, pick them up, drive. 48 hours after one BEST treatment I went to the gym and did my usual weight lifting routine with no problems at all.

Previously, when my back had “gone out,”my recovery was slow, lasting a week or two. This time it was one day. Dr. Weiss and his use of BEST was undoubtedly the reason for my speedy recovery.
Valerie S.


For me, planning an airplane trip is over shadowed by dread, and, after 9/11 it got worse. About a week prior to going on a plane trip recently, I began to have increasing anxiety. Using NET, Dr. Weiss walked me through every step of the flying experience, from driving to the airport, boarding the plane, hearing the flight attendants' safety demonstration. and the worst part — turbulence. Since then I've taken two plane rides and I've felt much calmer. Packing and planning is far less stressful and the actual flight is less anxiety producing.
Wendy K.


My sensitivity to sugar and the possibility of clearing brought me to Dr. Weiss. After receiving TBM adjustments, I was given a restrictive diet to follow. My determination to let go of the sugar ups and downs originally propelled me to strictly adhere to the diet.

As the weeks progressed, I noticed a profound difference. It was amazing how quickly my body responded, and feeling better became my motivation from then on. Now into my 4th week, I know that Dr. Weiss heals me on many levels as I feel my whole body respond.

Recently, I was bitten by a spider and had an acute reaction around my eye. Rather than reaching for drugs that would have made me drowsy and would only deal with the surface issues, I turned to Dr. Weiss. Schooled in so many modalities, I received a complete healing, body and soul. Thank you Dr. Weiss for your gentle and caring touch.
Rhoni G.


At the end of December 2002, I began developing what would later be diagnosed by my family doctor as tendonitis in my right elbow. It eventually worsened to the point where I could not fully straighten my arm due to the inflammation. My family doctor said there was nothing that could be done except using cold compresses and prescribed anti-inflammatories.

My wife had been seeing Dr. Weiss for about 2-1/2 years, and she told him about my problem. He said that there were things he could do to remedy the situation. I began seeing Dr. Weiss the end of January 2003. He began with NET treatments to clear any emotional blocks. In addition, he administered deep muscle and tendon massage and recommended Marcozyme as an anti-inflammatory.

My elbow began to respond positively after just two treatments. By the fourth treatment, I was finally able to straighten my arm. More treatments are necessary, but I am very excited that my elbow is responding positively. There is hope that I will be playing shortstop when the softball season begins the end of April.
Michael R.


Several years ago, I had developed chronic pain in my lower back. Though the severity of the condition fluctuated -- some days it was worse, some days it was better --it always seemed to bother me to some degree. I began to worry whether my back pain was not, perhaps, symptomatic of “something serious.” About the same time, I was likewise growing increasingly concerned about my older daughter's protracted use of strong antihistamines, prescribed to her by an allergist who had diagnosed her with multiple allergies.

I was referred to Dr. Don Weiss by my brother and sister-in-law, both eye doctors with their own practice in the vicinity -- and both of whom had also been helped by Dr. Don's professional services. Reception at his office was (always) very responsive, quick and courteous. Dr. Don also took the time to provide me with a thorough initial examination AND explanation of his range of techniques and treatment options. It was at that time that I learned about BEST, as well as NEAT -- which would relieve my daughter's allergies WITHOUT medication!

My back pain is gone now, and my daughter's allergies have been completely alleviated -- in fact, in fewer sessions than Dr. Don originally thought might be necessary! My family and I have continued to depend on Dr. Don's chiropractic care ever since, and regularly encourage relatives and friends to do so!!
Christine S-F.


NAET changed my view on life. Because of my allergies, I was scared to eat fish, since I would get sick from the littlest piece. After the NAET clearing, I was able to eat fish without getting sick. Additionally, I was out with a friend and decided to get a peanut-butter-cup sundae. After I ate it, I suddenly turned pale, ran a fever and felt very tired. I had no idea what was wrong. So I went to Dr. Weiss. He called the ice cream shop to find out the ingredients, then tested me to see which ingredient made me sic. He determined I was allergic to peanut oil, and immediately cleared me. I stayed away from peanut oil for 25 hours after the NAET treatment. Then I went back to the ice cream shop and ordered the sundae again, but that time, I had no reaction. I would recommend Dr. Weiss and the NAET treatment to anyone with allergies.
Ryan Y.


In November 2003 I noticed blood in my urine. My gynecologist discovered a lemon-sized cyst growing behind my bladder. She suggested having the cyst surgically removed. However, I first consulted my chiropractor who referred me to Dr. Weiss for NeuroModulation Technique. He used NMT and encouraged me to drink plenty of water; the results were astonishing. The more water I drank the less often I got up at night. Soon, I could sleep through the entire night. And, after a few treatments I no longer felt tired in the afternoon. I had no pain or discomfort from the cyst.

I returned to my gynecologist to have the cyst re-evaluated. She was surprised when she was unable to find it. I had another MRI which revealed the cyst had changed composition, but was still visible. During 2004 I had two MRIs and two CAT scans to check the size of the cyst. The last report stated that there was a slight improvement and suggested continued follow-up. During my latest visit to the surgeon I informed him that I wanted to continue treatment with Dr. Weiss before considering an operation.
Eve W.


I have been a patient of Dr. Weiss since December of 1997. I initially went to see him after fracturing a bone in my foot and spending several weeks in a cast. The muscles in my leg were atrophied, weak and very sore, my tendons and ligaments were tight and painful, and my back was a mess from walking with the cast for so long. With the use of soft tissue work, BEST, exercise and other rehabilitative techniques, my foot, leg and back returned to normal within a few months.  

I started having severe headaches shortly after I got my first cell phone. Dr. Weiss used NEAT to address my sensitivity to microwave radiation, and I never had another “cell-phone headache.” The clearing is still holding now - eight years later.  

A few years ago, Dr. Weiss learned a new technique called NMT. As he practiced this technique and expanded his knowledge of it, he often used it to address many (if not most) of my issues. Over the past few years, I have had successful NMT treatments for various conditions. One time, I woke up with a sore, irritated and runny left eye (pink eye symptoms). Utilizing the NMT treatment, Dr. Weiss found that I had several types of infections in my eye. He treated me and the next day my symptoms were almost gone. Within two days, they were completely gone. Shortly thereafter, I experienced minor sinus congestion and fatigue for about ten days, and every other day I was waking up with a sore throat. I saw Dr. Weiss for another NMT treatment during which he determined that there were viruses in my lymph and blood. Once again, the next day my symptoms were greatly reduced and the second day they were almost completely gone. Now, whenever I feel any type of symptoms coming on, I try to have an NMT treatment as soon as possible. Each time I have done so, the “bug” has not been able to take hold, and I feel fine in a couple of days.

I am grateful for all of Dr. Weiss' knowledge and his commitment to helping people to heal in a natural way. He constantly educates himself with new techniques, and then masters them. He is a warm, caring, and excellent practitioner. I would recommend him to anyone seeking to improve his or her health.
Jill C.



I want to extend a very sincere thank you for helping my infant daughter with her food allergies and sensitivities. From the time she was 1-month old, I suspected that my daughter’s eczema was a reaction to different food items (primarily dairy and rice). Conventional allergy specialists performed skin tests on her and concluded that she was not sensitive to these food items but suggested that we have blood drawn from her to confirm their findings. I was hesitant to do this, because regardless of the results of those tests, there didn’t appear to be a lot that conventional medicine can do for food allergies (avoidance is the best medicine). So, upon a friend’s recommendation, I decided to give NAET a try. Although I admit that I was skeptical at first, I was soon convinced that there is something to it! After just a few treatments for rice, dairy and a few other allergens, my daughter’s skin has returned to the soft, rash-free, beautiful skin that it was the day she was born. Now, she is less restricted in her eating habits, comfortable and happy! NAET was a great solution for us!
Thank you!
--Kristy S